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Are you moving to Bethesda and you are in need of a reliable storage unit? Remodeling your Bethesda home or downsizing? Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV offer perfect storage units Bethesda – we are efficient, safe, and secure.┬áSo do not waste a second longer – pick up your phone and call us today to get your own unit!

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Bethesda offers amazing living and storage spaces!

The importance of good storage units Bethesda

There are a lot of things that make our storage units amazing and useful. First, you can use our storage services when moving to Bethesda. Your home might not be ready for you to move straight in. Or, you might be coming from a different state, so your move will have to take more than one day. In these cases, using our storage to safely put your items away for a day or two. For this, our units are the best choice. They have around the clock security, so nothing can go wrong with your items. We also do our best to ensure easy storage and pick-up, so that you can be completely satisfied with your experience.

Secondly, you might be looking for Bethesda storage while renovating your home or downsizing. During this time, you might need your items to be in storage for some time, while you either find where to put them back, or how to get rid of your furniture. Our residential storage is perfect for this! The units are free of dirt, moisture, or any critters. That’s how we ensure that nothing can damage your furniture when it is with us for a longer time. Your items and furniture will be in the same condition when you leave them with us, and when you pick them up. And in the meantime, you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands.

We offer a variety of storage services

No good storage company would be complete with a huge assortment of storage services that you might be looking with. As we already described, there is a number of things you might need a storage unit in Bethesda for. Similarly, there is a huge number of different items that you might be putting in the storage unit. We try to accommodate all of these different needs, and thus we offer a variety of things you can look into:

  • If you have temperature-sensitive items, then our climate-controlled storage units are the perfect fit for you. Here, you will put things that heat or warmth can damage. Things like fine art or art supplies, as well as some pieces of furniture, will be safe and sound in our units. And the thermostat will be yours to control however you need.
  • Sometimes, you do not have the time to visit a storage facility in Bethesda for your items. Instead, you will want something more convenient – and closer to come. If this is you, then you should request our on-site storage services.
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Get reliable storage units right at your front door!
  • Just like our residential storage units are perfect for your homes, our commercial storage services are the best choice for all companies to get some clutter out of the way.
  • We also offer some special storage services to the members of the military forces. Our military storage services are designed with them and their families in mind, so make sure you ask about them when contacting us.
  • Similarly, knowing just how tough a student life can be, we offer the perfect student storage services too! This way, we hope to help the future of our country on their journey.

On-site storage units will make everything easier

When it comes to the huge variety of storage services that we offer, we need to give a special shoutout to our on-site units. These are perfect for those who do not want to travel back and from their home to their unit. Instead, we will bring a storage container directly to your driveway. This makes it really easy to pack up with your items – all you need is to walk out the door!

Then, you can park this unit wherever you want in Bethesda. Each one comes with a license plate and wheels for an easier movement. They also come in two sizes – 10ft and 15ft, so that we can meet all your needs but also keep our storage extremely affordable. Of course, all of them are highly safe and secure, so you won’t need to worry about anyone breaking into it – even when it is on your front lawn!

Our storage units Bethesda are made for you!

You might be wondering why choosing us as your storage company is the best decision. And if the variety of services didn’t convince you yet, then you should also know that for us, clients are the priority. We work hard to meet all your needs. When you call us we discuss carefully what it is that you need us to do exactly. This way, we can recommend the best units in Bethesda.

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We know the Bethesda area like the back of our hand!

What’s more, we have been working in the Bethesda area for quite a while. This is how we know exactly what routes to take and where to go. This information and experience allow us to help you plan the logistics like no other company in Maryland. This, and our effort to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our storage services, makes us the safe choice for all your needs!

Call us today!

Now that you know our storage units Bethesda are the best around, all you need to do is to pick up your phone and call us. Your storage unit is waiting for you – all you need to do is come and get it!


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